Monday, 3 February 2014

Raising Awareness of Alzheimer’s

To all the bloggers out there

For those of you that follow me, you may have noticed that I have been absent from blogger land recently and not been able to keep up to date with your creations. I have also had to give up some of my design work, so that I could focus on Mum. Its been a terrible few months, unfortunately her Alzheimer's has got worse and she she developed a UTI infection in November which knocked her back. She was in hospital for over a week and shortly after coming home the infection had returned. She was put on a course of antibiotics but unfortunately just before Christmas she had a nasty fall and broke her hip. On top of having an infection and her Alzheimer's she had to undergo a major hip replacement operation. 

It is very sad as we have not managed to get her walking since the operation and the medical team doubt she will walk again given its been over 5 weeks since the operation. It makes it worse as she cannot express herself  and the physios cannot get her to communicate and she just says no, when they ask her to go for a walk, therefore they have not managed to get her to stand on her own and she is hoist in and out of bed. To make matters worse she would not eat after her operation which we thought was due to the high dosage of drugs but we then discovered that the part of the brain that tells the stomach it is hungry is no longer working and also the inability to swallow has developed which unfortunately is another side  of the condition. They have put her on a puree diet but she will not take it and just refuses food and drink. On occasions we can get some fluids and a few spoonfuls of dinner down, but nowhere near what she needs. There is no other solution as tubes down the throat or in the stomach  would not work as she is so frail and they also come with dangers of infection. As a family we have to visit her regular throughout the day and hope that we can get some food down her. 

The nursing staff on ward 205 of the Royal Derby hospital have been amazing trying to get her to eat and she smiles and laughs for all of them. They gave us permission to visit her at any time during the day in order to help with the food intake, as you have to catch her when you can and feed her small portions throughout the day.The only thing we can hold onto is the fact that she does still know us and smiles and kisses us all when we go to see her. 

She is due home on Wednesday with a full care package and as a family we will do our best to get her to eat. My Dad is amazing and will take care of her throughout the day when she comes home and with family and friends we hope to get her eating a sufficient amount of food each day. 

I wanted to share this with you all in order to raise awareness of this terrible condition and the impact it has on the persons day to day life. I will continue to raise as much money as possible for this cause, but it needs all of us to raise the awareness of this artful disease. 

I made this canvas to put in the day room room in ward 205 to help get people involved and aware. The poem is from the Alzheimer's website which really touched my heart. 

Please could I request that you all help by posting this post on your blog to help raise the awareness of this awful condition that attacks numerous people worldwide.


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you Caz. I know exactly what you are going through my Mum is the same. She broke her collar bone and hip by falling over nothing. She is eating ok though. Thinking of you and your Dad xx

  2. Thinking of you and your family caz, I can only imagine how upsetting it is to see your mum going through that.. Big hugs to you and all of your family. I am going to add you to one of my blog posts but would like to add a link to your page on my FB, the more awareness the better xxxx

    1. Hi Kelly - Yes thats absolutely fine. thank you for your support and kind comments.


  3. Hi caz, just read your blog. I know exactly how things are with you. My mum had dementia for several years.(I lost her in march) she spent the last3 years in a lovely nursing home which became my 2nd home. When she stopped eating the carers would try everything. Forti-sip (fortified drinks) worked, but icecream was always their "go to" when anyone was struggling with food.
    Enjoy the fact that she still knows you, and as your poem says just holding her hand is good.
    she knows that you love her.
    by the way, as my mum had always done lots of crafts, and struggled with not being able to focus on them with the dementia, we started making cards together, a new craft for both of us. I still use my card making as my escape.
    Just wish I could help you more. As you say, it's a dreadful disease.

  4. Oh Caz, my heart goes out to you and your family. What an amazing family you are, indeed. I honor your strength and courage and resolve to provide the best support and care for your mother. My heart and thoughts remain with you.

  5. Your story is so touching and the poem so beautiful .Lots of prayers